About Me

Aloha Y’all.  Mike Mareschal here. 

I’m not really from Hawaii or the South.  Born and raised in WLA.  But I have so much appreciation for all our many and varied cultures of our great country, I enjoy borrowing bits and pieces of the places I’ve been lucky enough to visit.  For instance I wear a Puka Shell Lei almost every day to help keep my Aloha Spirit alive. The only time I don’t wear it is when I wear a tie, and since I live in SoCal, that is like ‘never.’   Maybe funerals. 

Anyway back to About Me:   I’m addicted to tennis, enjoy sailing and fishing, and am a rabid sports fan.  (Early in the pandemic I was caught watching Australian badminton). I love my Padres and still love the Chargers. I moved to North San Diego County in 1981, to a beautiful little town named Fallbrook, the Avocado Capital of the World, that explains my pro team affiliation.

I’m a CPA with many years experience, this last tax season was my 47th.  That’s a lot of tax returns.  But now my tagline is “CPA Turned Online Marketer.”  I still do taxes but not near as many as I did say 5 years ago.  I wanted to get back to doing what I went into accounting for in the first place, to help entrepreneurs make more money.  That translates to helping people with marketing.  When I started my own CPA firm, tax work was a quick way to gain clients and earn a living to support my family.  As the years passed, tax work became the focus, not helping clients run better and more profitable companies.  Yes helping clients save on taxes helps cash flow, but the drama that comes with being the messenger taints the relationship.  Try collecting a fee after telling someone you owe taxes.  Uncomfortable to say the least.

I guess I should tell you about this blog site.  I started it to have a place to share my thoughts and advice about business and marketing.  Since tax has been a big part of my experience, I’ll be including tax and other accounting tips and ideas.  I know I’ll be including stories about sports too.  Can’t help it.  If I’m not in the office, good chance I’m on the tennis court or watching a game.

Shalom My Friends