Legendary Marketer Review 2021

I started my affiliate marketing business in 2019, but it wasn’t until I came across Legendary Marketer, that I could finally function and not be so stressed out all the time. They took a huge weight off my shoulder.

So, let me explain how starting with the basics:

  • What is Legendary Marketer?
  • Who is Legendary Marketer for?
  • What are the best parts of Legendary Marketer?
  • A look inside Legendary Marketer
  • Final Thoughts

What Is Legendary Marketer?

Legendary Marketer is a complete training program for anyone who wants to start an online marketing business. It is made up of several low, medium, and high ticket products.

Its CEO/Founder, David Sharpe, has done over $200 million in online sales in his career.

David used to be a part of the infamous Empower Network program. It used to be one of the hot new MLM’s back in the day, but it infamously crashed and burned and went bankrupt in 2017.

As I learned more about Dave and his story, I saw that he had left Empower a couple of years before it went down. As I watched more of the initial training, I got to know him better on a personal level and was very impressed with him.

The core set of products that Legendary Marketer offers primarily consists of different video training.

Everyone enters Legendary Marketer through one of their front-end low ticket offers which range from $1 to $7. You will then go through a 15-Day Challenge where you are introduced to the business of Affiliate Marketing, as well as the main factors to starting and having a successful online business.

What’s great about Legendary Marketer is that every member is assigned a business advisor, which can cost you an arm and a leg right then and there. You’ll be able to talk to him or her as you go through the challenge. They’re someone you can contact for help, and keep you accountable so you can get the most out of the 15 Day Challenge.

Who Is Legendary Marketer For?

The training for Legendary Marketer is mostly geared toward beginner and intermediate marketers who are looking to start and grow their own online businesses.

Legendary Marketer is all about teaching you the core fundamentals you need to succeed with ANY online business.

As I’m still working and running my CPA firm, I’m pretty dang busy most of the day.  Legendary Marketer was a huge life saver for me.  It took ALL of the hard work off my neck, of guessing and researching what I need to do to be successful.

A huge no brainer for me was that they do the majority of the work!  All you need to do is sell one of their low-end products which are all $7 and under. Which makes it really easy to introduce your audience to the Legendary Marketer ecosystem.

Once they are in, they will automatically be introduced to their high-end products during the 15 Day Challenge. This means you can earn some big affiliate commissions,  just by leveraging Legendary’s own sales team to help you close these sales for you.

They also even provide you with done-for-you sales funnels for these low ticket products.  So your job is to drive traffic to these products, and leave the rest up to Legendary Marketers sales team. That’s it.

What Are The Best Parts Of Legendary Marketer?

Legendary Marketers training is actually good, useful and packed with value. The amount of value for what you pay is (in my opinion) way under priced. Which is good for a shoe strap budget.

After all of the paid training I have personally gone through, Legendary Marketers training is by far the best.  Dave has a way of explaining things in a very easy, non confusing, way.

The 15 Day Online Business Challenge gets you taking action right away and headed down the right path.  Just the first 3 days alone contain several aha moments.

Whether you are a paid Marketers Club member or part of the private Facebook group, you will always have the freshest content so you won’t ever have to worry about outdated material.

Legendary Marketers affiliate program is the best program I have ever been a part of.  Legendary Marketer gives you absolutely everything that you need. From sales funnels, to email swipes, ad copy for running Facebook ads, videos, pictures, you name it.  They also provide you with complete step by step videos on how to set everything up.

My favorite feature… you have the option to have them do your email marketing for you. Meaning, everytime you get a lead, they will then send the follow up emails for you, as opposed to you doing it, typing up the emails and dealing with the techy side of stuff.

Legendary Marketer is constantly being updated and improved which is great.

They are always up to date with the latest trends and what’s popular and where people are hanging out.

The weekly live training sessions were added in early 2019.  The Copywriters Playbook and Tik Tok front-end offers were added this year which adds additional ways to promote the training.

Legendary Marketer is consistently adding new content to their program and products.

Legendary Marketers support is extremely responsive. When you’re stuck on something, or have questions, it’s very helpful when you can reach out to their support team without having to wait forever and a day.  It gives me more confidence that Dave has put together a really good team, and that he actually cares about his affiliates.

A Look Inside Legendary Marketer

Legendary Marketer is made up of a bunch of different products.

Legendary eBook

David Sharpe recently published a new eBook titled The Insiders Guide to Affiliate Marketing and it’s one of the low ticket products that introduce people to Legendary Marketers program.

For only $1.99, it’s jam packed with a ton of value, a must read for anyone who is new to affiliate marketing.

Copywriters Playbook

As mentioned in day 8 of the 15 Day Business Builder Challenge, copywriting is one of the highest income skills that anyone who has an online business should master.  Being able to “write words that sell”, will hands down make you more sales, period.  This Copywriter’s Playbook will teach you how to do so. It will also teach you how to craft your copy around your story, which is the best way to convert your leads into actual paying customers.   The product is an 8 module video course that goes into the different aspects of creating good copy.  For less than a cup of coffee, you have nothing to lose.  

15-Second Free Leads (Tik Tok Training)

With the Covid-19 pandemic quarantine, Tik Tok became one the hottest social platforms.  Legendary Marketer took advantage of that.  TikTok used to be geared more towards a younger audience, just playing around with silly videos. However, now that it’s becoming more popular, people who have online businesses are now taking advantage of it as well.  Just by creating short, little videos you can get a lot of traction within a short period of time. This makes it the perfect platform to get some quick results.

This 15 Second Free Leads product is a recorded training put together with 4 of Legendary’s affiliates who have seen some amazing results leveraging Tik Tok for their business.  If you don’t mind being on video, this product is well worth it for only $1.

15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge

This is a series of lessons over 15 days that teach you the fundamental concepts of building your own online business.

If you have no idea what a sales funnel is, or an email autoresponder, this challenge literally walks you through exactly what these things are.

If I had found this product back in 2019 when I first started my online journey, it certainly would have saved me hours of youtube videos trying to figure out what all these techy things were.

For $7, you cannot beat that.

Omni Branding Formula

This is a course in Legendary Marketer, that teaches you how to be visible to your prospects on multiple platforms, without spreading yourself thin.

Meaning, how to create content, without overdoing it.

A lot of experts will tell you to focus on one platform until you master that platform, then move on to another platform. Trying to be everywhere all at once will only burn you out. Legendary Marketer believes this as well.

But imagine if your prospects could see you everywhere. That would give you a higher chance of getting more leads and sales.

This is what the Omni-branding formula course teaches you. How to be on multiple platforms, without the burnout.

One other thing I love most about the Omni-branding formula is that it also teaches how to get free traffic.

The best part about this product is they also provide you with a free traffic bootcamp. They provide you with content IDEAS for 30 days, in a google sheet form so you can edit it. From the titles to use, where to find the content (throughout the 15 day challenge), where to post the content, etc.

For a one time payment of $67, this course is probably the best one for beginners.

Legendary Marketers Club

This is basically a set of training modules that feature both interviews with 6 and 7 figure marketers and training videos on specific online marketing topics.

For $30 per month, The Marketers Club product is the only offer that pays out recurring affiliate commissions.

Some of the lessons include:

  • Kevin Harrington Interview (48 min)
  • Mark Harbert Interview (103 min)
  • Nathan Lucas Interview (86 min)
  • The Journey to 250,000 Youtube Subscribers (149 min)
  • What to Do and Say to sell more stuff (42 min)
  • You’re One Story Away: How to Use Story to Succeed Online (56 min)

Every week there are live webinars on specific topics, like how to run an ad campaign for google Adwords. The best part is that the replays of these webinars are posted so you can watch at your convenience.

Traffic University

This is one of the high ticket offers that Legendary Marketer has.

Traffic is the most important part of any business. You need traffic for people to see your offers and click on your affiliate links.

Traffic University specifically teaches you how to use various paid traffic strategies.

Some topics include:

  • AdWords Ads 2.0
  • Facebook Ads 2.0
  • Google Display Network (GDN) 2.0
  • Instagram Ads
  • Landing Pages
  • Native Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Youtube 3.0
  • Twitter Ads 2.0

Business Blueprints Starter

This is the main high ticket product that Legendary Marketer offers.

In Day 2 of the 15 Day Business Builder Challenge, Dave talks about the Core 4 high ticket business models, which are:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Digital Products
  • Events and Masterminds
  • Coaching & Consulting

Legendary has business blueprints for each of these 4 high ticket business models. Each blueprint is a full video training that does a deep dive on each topic.

Besides the video lessons, they do come with a written PDF and mp3s of each lesson you can consume or review the content offline.

A great part of the Blueprint Starter bundle is the Decade in a Day live workshop that you get access to. It’s a whole day virtual workshop with Matt and Dave where they walk you through their simple 5-step affiliate formula for setting up a FB ads campaign.

At the end of the training you get all the ad copy and images you need to run this same campaign yourself.

It’s a great way to get your first affiliate marketing sale.

Live Events

There are the high ticket events that Legendary Marketer offers as part of the Business Blueprints with Mastermind bundle.

You’ll notice that some of the videos that are in the Marketer’s Club are from some of the talks given at these masterminds.

Final Thoughts

There are so many ways to make money online these days. Getting started is the biggest challenge for most people starting out.  Whether you’re a Stay-at-Home Mom, or Retired and looking to make some extra money, or still working full-time wanting to start a side-hustle, this program is for you and will get you on the road to building your Online Business. 

If you want to learn more about how you can start today, Click Here.



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